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Intelligent Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a new technology and rapidly-growing financial asset class. As interesting and exciting as cryptocurrencies are, there is a steep learning curve to get a good understanding of how it all works.

The goal at Intelligent Cryptocurrency is to educate the masses about this technology and make it easy and simple to understand exactly what it is, how it works and how to get started making your first purchase or transaction in a safe way.

They offer step-by-step online training courses for beginners and more advanced students. They also offer a monthly newsletter with the latest news, developments and updates in the cryptocurrency space, as well as a private community where members can learn, share and interact with coaches and other members.

Intelligent Cryptocurrency

Why Intelligent Cryptocurrency

  • Education: Get up to speed on all things cryptocurrency with step-by-step over-the-shoulder training, even if you're a complete beginner.
  • Research: Save yourself days (or weeks) of reading articles and watching videos to find high-profit potential projects and get our top-quality cryptocurrency research and updates handed to you on a platter.
  • Community: join 100+ like-minded cryptocurrency investors around the world, bounce ideas, make friends and grow together.
  • Realtime trades: Get instant buy- and sell movements from this very experienced cryptotrader

Get instant access to the Intelligent Cryptocurrency community


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What you get:

Personal buy and sell movements in real time

Besides direct access to the founder of IC (Dirk de Bruin) and having the chance to get your questions answered in real time....

The Discord chat groups are also where Dirk shares his personal buy and sell movements for you to learn from and see which coins Dirk is personally buying or selling with his own money in REAL TIME.

This is a MAJOR benefit to get insights into the trades of someone experienced with crypto trading and trading in general.

Monthly Video Updates

Every month there will be a video update added to the members area which goes over the latest news stories and developments in the cryptocurrency industry, making it easy for you to stay up to date without having to spend hours every day following the news.

As an IC member you'll also have instant access to all previously published video updates.


Cryptocurrency Beginners Course

New to Cryptocurrency? They got you covered.

In the members area you'll find a very detailed 18-lesson cryptocurrency for beginners course to help you get up to speed on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Each lesson is in video and text format and created for complete beginners with little-no tech knowledge to make cryptocurrencies easy & simple.

After completing this course you'll have a solid understanding of cryptocurrencies, how they work, how to buy and sell them and how to securely store them once you own them.

Technical Analysis & Trading Course

Interested in learning how to read charts and how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably? We got you covered!

In the members area, you'll have access to a very detailed and comprehensive course (20+ HD video lessons) about money management, technical analysis and trading.

They have over a decade of experience trading forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies and they share their insights and best strategies on these topics in a way that's easy to digest and simple to understand.


Special Reports

In the members area you'll also have access to additional special reports on specific topics such as:

"Privacy & Security", "Building A Cryptocurrency Portfolio", "Creating An Exit Strategy" and more.

These special reports go into a lot of detail about their topic and make it really easy to access and learn about specific information.

Private Discord Chat Groups

As an IC member you'll have access to the private Discord chat groups (accessible from your phone, mobile or tablet) with a dozen different channels around different topics such as project updates, technical analysis, market discussions and more.

You'll get instant access to a diverse community of individuals around the world all interested in cryptocurrencies but also stocks, real estate and other investments.

IC newsletter

A Monthly Crypto Newsletter

Every month you'll receive a 20+ page digital newsletter containing insights into the cryptocurrency industry and the latest developments.

Each newsletter also contains research on at least 1 cryptocurrency project that we personally believe has high potential for future success.

As an IC member you'll also have instant access to all previously published newsletters.

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