Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Brilliant color
Build-in sound
Plug & Play

Upgrade Your Productivity with 4K Touchscreen

How much more could you get done by turning your laptop into a fully-functioning touch panel?

DLab’s ultra-responsive touchscreen is perfect for design, music, management, chatting, and so much more.

Compatible With All Platforms

With both USB C and HDMI inputs, DLab is compatible with everything - from your PC, gaming consoles, Macbooks, Android Devices, Apple Devices, or tablets.

Upgrade your 720p or 1080p view to 4K today!

DeskLab is an entire suite of office and entertainment features packed into the lightest portable touchscreen monitor ever.

It’s your 4K screen, it’s your dongles, it’s your charger, it’s your speakers, and it’s fully customizable to be whatever else you need.

Perfect suitable for:

Provides precise color accuracy and ultra-vivid picture quality necessary for designers.

Business People:
Thin, durable, and easy to set up for the frequent business traveler.

Provides full graphical fidelity and fast response time for developers who need more than one screen in their day to day activities.

Brighter, faster and 100% lag-free, DLab is the most powerful portable gaming monitor.

Super light and thin for your long study sessions.

4K resolution and ultra-bright compatible for any lighting conditions Get rid of all the clutter in your briefcase or backpack.


  • Brilliant 4K -True LED backlighting and vivid color 
  • Touchscreen -Ultra-responsive and durable
  • Built-in Audio -Dual Hi-Fi speakers for immersive stereo sound
  • Plug and Play -Seamless connectivity. No setup required
  • Gaming Ready -Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 and more
  • Portable Charger -Plug into DLab to charge your devices
  • Ultra Bright -2X as brighter than our competitors Lightweight -Lighter than an iPad at ~1lb or ½ kg
  • Safe for Eyes -Low flicker, low blue light, and anti-glare
  • Super Responsive -Lightning-fast 10 millisecond response time
  • True LED Backlight -The highest contrast ratio for brilliant color
  • Scale up Your Smartphone -Turn your phone into a 15-inch 4K touchscreen
  • Energy Smart -Stays charged as long as you are Connect to Everything
  • Compatible with all devices and softwares
  • Magnetic Stand -Kickstand that doubles as a screen protector (sold separately)

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